Keeping your toddlers entertained can be a daunting task in itself. Sometimes, you may feel like you’ve run out of ideas on ways to keep them entertained. Toddlers are like little bundles of energy, and they love physical activities. Generally, you want the toddler to spend at least 30 minutes on structured physical activities, and at least an hour free to do anything. Do you need help thinking of new indoor activities? Here are seven indoor activities you and your toddler will enjoy:


1 – Obstacle Course

Look around your house and get creative. You can use a cardboard box to make a tunnel and crawl through it or allow your toddler to crawl over a large pillow. You can even use chairs as obstacles that your toddler can run around. Add even more fun by starting the race with a whistle and tape some paper ribbon on a doorway as a finish line.

2 – Hide and Seek

When playing hide and seek, be careful as some toddlers can get frightened if they cannot find you. Hide in places that are obvious with your arms or legs visible at least. After they get a little more comfortable, then you can at harder-to-spot places. To begin, you may have to help to count down before they shout “ready or not, here I come!” Also, count slowly, as this is an excellent method to teach them how to count. Start from a small number of three, then work your way up to ten.

3 – Dancing

Toddlers are naturally inclined to move their bodies along with the rhythm of a song. You don’t have to focus on picking a song, as anything song can get their groove going!

4 – Stretch

Teaching your toddler how to stretch every morning doesn’t only keep them entertained, but it can be a great habit to have when they grow up. Keep the teaching simple with sentences like “try to reach the sky” or “reach your toes.” They’ll have trouble at first, but eventually, they’ll get used to it.

5 – Scavenger Hunt

Grab some toy and hide them in places that are easy to find. You can also make a list of the objects you hide so that they can track what is and isn’t found yet. Also, be very careful if you’re hiding favorite objects like pacifiers.

6 – Find the Timer

If you have a kitchen timer in hand, hide it, and let your toddler search for it. They will know if they’re getting closer by how loud the ticking gets. Otherwise, say “hotter/colder” or “closer/farther” as they get closer or farther away from the hiding spot. You can even do this with the frequency of your clap: the faster your clap, the closer they are.

7 – Ball Activities

Play ball inside your house or garage, as it is an enjoyable activity to do together. Otherwise, if you’re afraid of knocking stuff over, you can still play with the ball. Have your toddler, and you sit down on the floor with legs spread and feet touching. Then, roll the ball back and forth and catch with one hand or eyes closed.

The only limitation you have is your creativity. There are many activities to do to keep you and your toddler entertained. If you can’t think of anything, ask your toddler what they want to play. Who knows, they may have something exciting in mind.

If you’re looking for a way to engage with your children, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!