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How Process Art Enhances Your Child’s Development

If your child is painting using bubble wrap and bath poufs, it means you understand what process art is and how important it is for your child's development. Offering your child an opportunity to experience the sticky, gooey sensorial feeling involved when using clay, finger paints, coloured glue, and paper strips without requiring an end result, puts the child on the path of exploration, creativity, and cognitive learning. In 1968, Robert Morris invented the term 'process art' when he experimented with soft felt and saw how gravity and stress affected it. His Anti-Form or Post-Minimalist art was achieved by a simple process of drop and cut. That's why if you look at it, you will see an unevenly arranged pile of felt scraps that is on the floor of New York's [...]

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Practical Tips to Help your Kids be Interested in Art

Kids are naturally curious and creative. These qualities are what will make them young Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, Warhol, or Dali. If you notice that your child has the potential for arts and crafts, your work is half done. All you need to do is show them artworks of other people, give them art materials, and let them be. On the other hand, if you’re not sure if they’re artistically inclined, you can enroll them in art classes. Give them a little nudge and encouragement. You can also start incorporating art into your everyday life. Play beautiful music every day. Put artistic objects (made from simple materials) on places he or she can easily see. That’s creating a life full of art—or as what we love to call, artful living. A [...]

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How to Make Pencil Holders & Toppers for Young Children

You can help your preschoolers be creative by making colourful pencil holders and pencil topper craft projects for them. These projects are so easy to make. Moreover, a DIY pencil holder or a pencil topper will add colours to your child’s otherwise boring study table or bookshelf. Doing this project at home will unleash their creative genius as they snip, glue, and colour the materials according to their desired designs. You can also help them punch shapes such as stars, flowers, bees, and other forms to enhance a regular pencil holder. It will be a happy reminder for them to learn more and have fun while in the process. Plus, they’d have less reason to be down about doing their homework if they have these items nearby.   Here’s what you [...]

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Painting with Wheels – A Different Way to be Creative

If you look from above the world and ask, “How can you make this world brighter?” the answer would be with children and parents painting with wheels. Painting with wheels is a fun, creative, and an out-of-the-box kind of way to paint. It’s an excellent activity for kids of all ages to get some paint and watch cars, trains, buses, and construction vehicles create colourful tracks. Painting with wheels is an action art activity using paints of all colors and toy vehicles of all types and sizes. This experiment allows children to roll a car over the paint and roll it on a piece of paper or a blank wall. The colorful tracks they see will help them gain a valuable experience in life. Not only will they get to play [...]

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Teaching Your Child to Write, Draw & Become the Next Pollack

Repetition is the key to success. This reality also applies to 15 months old babies and onwards when you teach them how to write and draw. There are different stages that your child will go through before he or she learns how to write and to draw like a pro. If this is something you want your child to develop because you want him or her to be inclined to the arts, you can start earlier than 15 months old and make scribbling a daily activity. Before your child reaches four years of age, you will notice his handiworks are much improved. Here are the different stages of your child’s writing and drawing development, including the age that it takes place.   Stage 1 at 15 months to 30 months old: [...]

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Art Activities for Developing Social-Emotional Skills in Children

Regardless of how old a child may be, art activities can help enhance critical skills that they will rely on later in life. Best noted for its ability to shape the thinking abilities, perception, and imagination of children and young adults alike, art activities provide opportunities for an alternative method for self-expression. Aside from providing a safe space for children to express their creativity without borders, art activities are also a substitute method for teaching new skills. Art activities provide a platform for young adults and children to learn because it poses no threat or intimidation while coming off as a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, completely cutting out any hint of a challenge. Additionally, art activities are an effective method for teaching children and young adults who [...]

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Birthday Party Tips for Active Kids

For kids, a birthday party is something to look forward to. If you're a parent, it's great to throw a birthday bash for your kids every year. Birthdays mean so much to them. More than the gifts they’ll receive or the party itself, the memories they’ll make with you and their friends are something worth cherishing. Please be advised, however, that planning a birthday party can be quite tricky. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the venue, the food, and the activities. If you want the party to be a success, think of fun activities that your kids and their friends will truly enjoy. If you have no idea what kids are into these days, take a cue from these three birthday party ideas for active kids: [...]

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7 Fun Indoor Physical Activities You & Your Toddler Will Enjoy

Keeping your toddlers entertained can be a daunting task in itself. Sometimes, you may feel like you've run out of ideas on ways to keep them entertained. Toddlers are like little bundles of energy, and they love physical activities. Generally, you want the toddler to spend at least 30 minutes on structured physical activities, and at least an hour free to do anything. Do you need help thinking of new indoor activities? Here are seven indoor activities you and your toddler will enjoy:   1 - Obstacle Course Look around your house and get creative. You can use a cardboard box to make a tunnel and crawl through it or allow your toddler to crawl over a large pillow. You can even use chairs as obstacles that your toddler can run [...]

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Why take your kids to an Indoor Play Area when it’s rainy

Fall is approaching, and that means rainy season is about to begin in Vancouver. It’s also the time that your kids can’t go out and play. Nevertheless, you can’t let the rains spoil their fun. You can go to North Vancouver and let your child have fun in an indoor play area. The only difference between an outdoor playground with an indoor play area is that the latter is under a roof. Your children can still run, crawl, and even draw doodles on the wall. If you are a busy parent and have no time to deal with your child’s rainy day tantrums, an indoor play area is your best alternative.   Protect them from the weather Since indoor playgrounds are under a roof and surrounded by insulated walls, your child [...]

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6 Reasons Why Playdates Need Arts & Crafts

When it comes to raising kids in the best possible way, there are different ways you can help them find the right path to follow. From developing certain skills to helping them find their lifelong passions, it’s much easier to ensure their future by helping them take the right steps. However, when it comes to the creative side of things, it’s important to act immediately if you see signs that your child is probably gifted.   Advantages to look out for By getting your kids into the arts, you’ll be able to help your little Van Gogh or Beethoven hone their skills at an early age. Through the different arts and crafts projects you can have them do, it will be easy to nurture their innate talents and engage their creativity. [...]

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