Indoor Play Areas

Depending on who looks at it, a playground can play different roles. For children, it is a place of fun, adventure, and interaction. For parents, it is a place where they can leave their children and have them stay in one place while having fun. For experts, a playground is the perfect setting for helping children develop crucial skills and different aspects of their well-being. This is because play is largely linked to mental, physical, social, and emotional development.   The Meaning of Play in Relation to Development Simply defined, play is the spontaneous activities done to have fun. However, when you look at it at a more meaningful point of view, there is more to play than just running around. There are a lot of physical activities and movements that [...]

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How to Support Your Child Through Constructive Play

A child's development can be thought of as a ladder, moving from one stage to the next, higher and higher—the first step of the ladder being functional play. Here, a child is easily amused by the movement of objects and loves exploring the world with their senses. Following this step is a stage called constructive play. It is at this level where a child learns what an object can do. As a parent, your responsibility is to support your child during these developmental stages, especially when it comes to constructive play. Here's what you need to know to support your child successfully:   Attention Span and Constructive Play When a child hits the age of two years, their attention span is significantly longer than it was before. They're able to sit [...]

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First-Aid Knowledge for Children in Playgrounds

Playing is a vital part of children's lives. It ignites their imagination, allows for social interaction, and kick-starts learning and development. What do you expect from kids? As young as they are, they deserve to play and have fun before they have to grow up and become responsible adults. As any parent worth their salt would say, let the children play. When it comes to playing, chances are you often bring your children to a playground. If there's one thing you shouldn't deprive your children of, it’s the chance to explore and go on adventures in the playground. Not only will they be able to run around and play, but they will also get the chance to mingle with other kids and make new friends. As a parent, however, you should [...]

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