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Supporting your child naturally with Lou Meggiato (Certified Aromatherapist)

Would you like to learn more about supporting yourself and your family naturally? We will be exploring aromatherapy as a wonderful tool to bring hope, happiness and wellness to your day to day life especially with children.
‘Back to school’ or even starting school/preschool/daycare for the first time, can bring up both stress and anxiety for you and your child, not to mention your immune systems being overtaxed by all the shared germs. Learn how to help your child with worries, sleep, digestive issues and boosting their immune systems while also helping yourself.

This workshop includes the safety of essential oils, how to use them and what to use them for. You will also receive a FREE essential roller for your child.

Cost : $10 includes FREE $20 essential oil roller for your child and a handout.

Register with Lou on lou@mandalaessentials.com or text/call 604-719-3037
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About Lou Meggiato:
Lou is a mama to 3, a certified aromatherapist and a senior yoga teacher/trainer specialized in kids, family and prenatal classes. Her passion is educating people so that they can live a full and happy life 🙂