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Want to impress family and friends, and make unique gifts?

How about designing your own wedding invitations? Or writing out inspirational quotes for friends?

Maybe you’ve always thought that calligraphy is beautiful and wanted to learn an art but never knew where to start?



During this workshop, you will start with learning the basic strokes and alphabet, letter combinations and ending off with writing out gorgeous words and sentences! This is a class for BEGINNERS! You do not need any prior experience in lettering to join!

You will learn:

  • The difference between brush lettering, pointed pen calligraphy, and cursive writing
  • The proper way to hold a brush pen for right handed and left handed people
  • Basic strokes, which will be the foundation of all the letters you write
  • Lower case alphabet
  • How to connect letters to form words and sentences
  • How to vary your lettering with different techniques such as slant, dipping, and different ways to write letters


You will receive:

  • Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip brush pen
  • Set of calligraphy worksheets with step-by-step instructions (25 pages in total)
  • Lowercase and uppercase exemplar
  • A blank card and envelope
  • A personalized name card, especially for you!

To register please click on the following link:


Spots are limited to 12 people in the workshop! Register early to secure your spot!



Dina is an ambidextrous calligrapher and workshop instructor based in Vancouver, BC. She has taught over 400 people brush lettering and pointed pen calligraphy through her public and corporate workshops in BC.

Dina started her calligraphy business called “Jennidi Creative” in August 2018. The name is a combination of Dina’s mom’s name (Jenny) and Dina’s own name. Dina founded Jennidi Creative after her mom was hospitalized in 2018 for depression and psychosis. Together, they started a creative side business selling greeting cards – her mom painted the cards and Dina did the calligraphy on them. In summer 2019, Dina transitioned out of her 9-5 office job to pursue her calligraphy business full-time. In January 2020, Dina renamed the business “Dina Calligraphy” as Dina’s mom is not too involved in the business anymore.

Instagram @dinacalligraphy.