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Come with your favorite gardening tools/outfits and join us for a reading by author/illustrator of “Sunflower”, followed by songs related to plants & gardens!

(Play area admission still applies)
A toddler puts a seed into the ground. It grows into a big, beautiful sunflower! By summer’s end, the flower dies. He cries and cries. Why did it die?
Then he discovers that the sunflower left him a present ~ many, many seeds. He, and his animal friends, happily eat them up. All but one…And that, he puts in the ground.
The up-beat vibe of the SUNFLOWER song sends a positive message about loss. Life goes on!
Anne Baird grew up on the edge of a jungle in Trinidad during WW II. She began writing and illustrating stories as a young child from her “office” in a mango tree. She sold this work to friends of the family for a penny a sheet. She kept writing and illustrating throughout her school career, married, raised three children, three dogs, two cats, and an elderly aunt who came to visit and stayed for ten years.
She taught elementary school and was a school administrator in places as diverse as Panama, New York, London, Denver and Los Angeles. Always dreaming of being a full-time writer and artist. In the 1980’s, she realized that dream by publishing eleven books with William Morrow and Simon & Schuster of New York.
A meeting with two gifted musicians from L.A. lured her back into books for the very young. Cary Beare and Allison McCready had written a potty-training song to inspire their nephew to move on from his diapers. Anne agreed to create an illustrated picture book for POTTY PARTY. This partnership led to the creation of four more musical e-books for toddlers: MOON MOON, TEENY GREEN, BLANKIE, and SUNFLOWER. She launched the collection as Little Big Books.net (www.littlebigbooks.net.)
All five books are available for purchase at Apple Books (Apple) and Kindle (Amazon). A judge, reviewing her 2015 entry, TEENY GREEN, into Writer’s Digest’s 3rd Annual Self-Published eBook Awards, said “The author’s voice is perfect for this genre. She has definitely found her home in writing and producing children’s books. I hope to read more from this author in the future. Thank you for sharing Teeny Green!”
To her lifelong career as an artist and writer, Anne has now added Fledgling Online Publisher” to her bio!
Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/annebaird