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Topic:  Become a Healthier, Happier You During the Parenthood Years and Beyond

Join us for Wisdom Wednesday with Colleen Wynia to unveil the challenges to Live and Maintain Your Vibrant, Healthy & Happy Self during the Parenthood years. We’ll explore how family responsibilities can trigger feelings of stress, overwhelm, poor fitness habits, money challenges or a sense of loss of self and sometimes your life’s true meaning.

Colleen will ignite your mind with real life solutions to reclaim and thrive on your soul path while deeply caring for your family. Tap into Your Intuitive Brilliance to Live a Life You Truly Love! Get a FREE copy of her 8 Best Steps to Raise Your Vibration eGuide: https://bit.ly/2EePVbW

A lucky attendee will win a 30 minute session with Colleen $100 Value.
Option to use for a Transformative Energy Massage or Spiritual Coaching call.

Client Success Stories here: https://heartlinkconsulting.com/about/testimonials/

A second lucky attendee will win a complimentary bag of tea from Treehaus Teahaus Playcafe.


Colleen is a Reset Your Vibe Energy Coach, Intuitive, Speaker, Massage Practitioner and Health & Wellness Educator on the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction. Colleen is an expert facilitator in Transformational Coaching, Massage & Bodywork, Spirit Communication and Nutritional Wellness. Colleen is born and living in North Vancouver, BC and often found working out in the gym, yoga class or hiking the beautiful North Shore mountains.

Book Your Discovery Call: www.ColleenWynia.com