You can help your preschoolers be creative by making colourful pencil holders and pencil topper craft projects for them. These projects are so easy to make. Moreover, a DIY pencil holder or a pencil topper will add colours to your child’s otherwise boring study table or bookshelf.

Doing this project at home will unleash their creative genius as they snip, glue, and colour the materials according to their desired designs. You can also help them punch shapes such as stars, flowers, bees, and other forms to enhance a regular pencil holder. It will be a happy reminder for them to learn more and have fun while in the process. Plus, they’d have less reason to be down about doing their homework if they have these items nearby.


Here’s what you need to do:

1. Gather the materials

You can use coloured papers, magazine cutouts, empty tea boxes, or any paper boxes that are no longer used. You also need a craft stick, paint, and some paintbrushes, liquid glue, a paper punch, and scissors and ribbons. If you want to use glitters, you can add it to this list provided that you will guide your toddler how to use it.

2. Measure the craft stick against the paper box

The craft stick will be your guide to where you want to cut the box. Its height should be the height of the box. You may also reduce the length of the box so that it’s shorter than the craft stick. However, this mostly depends on how you want to do it. Then, glue the craft stick around the box.

3. Cut the paper box

Take a ruler so that you can draw a line around the paper box and use the scissors to cut around it. If a side is open, you may seal it with a tape or liquid glue.

4. Glue the craft sticks

The purpose of the craft stick is to make the box resistant to bending. You have to glue it side by side until on the edges of the paper box. Remember to let the glue dry before moving on to the next side. If you’re making more than one pencil holder, this stage will be the perfect time to start. By the time you begin gluing this box, the first box’s craft sticks are already dried.

5. Use punch out shapes

As you wait for the craft sticks to dry, you may also start using your paper punch to create flowers, stars, and other cute objects. You may make a hole in the middle of the shape because that is where the pencil will go in. To measure whether you punched the right hole size, put a pen through it. To avoid tearing the paper, use a card stock paper because it’s thicker and heavier than ordinary papers.

6. Start painting the box

Let your child grab that paintbrush and start painting the box to their desired style. Don’t worry about the mess that they will cause and the result. Allow your child to have fun with the process.

7. Add the finishing touches

You may add a ribbon or the glitters or even a tiny flower to improve the aesthetic of the pencil holder. Let your child decide which ones will go best with what.

Creating a pencil holder and pencil topper at home is a fun activity for both you and your kid. It’s easy, and you can finish it fast. After creating some for your child’s study table and bookshelf, create some for your desks as well, and don’t forget to involve your kid in the process.


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