If you look from above the world and ask, “How can you make this world brighter?” the answer would be with children and parents painting with wheels.

Painting with wheels is a fun, creative, and an out-of-the-box kind of way to paint. It’s an excellent activity for kids of all ages to get some paint and watch cars, trains, buses, and construction vehicles create colourful tracks.

Painting with wheels is an action art activity using paints of all colors and toy vehicles of all types and sizes. This experiment allows children to roll a car over the paint and roll it on a piece of paper or a blank wall. The colorful tracks they see will help them gain a valuable experience in life. Not only will they get to play with paint and the toy car, they will also be able to create something out of the ordinary. Because really, who uses wheels to paint except children and parents having a blast together?


The Benefits of Painting With Wheels

If children are not using their hands or a paintbrush, what else can they use to paint? The answer is unlimited. Once they figure that out, they will use whatever means are necessary to create art as their extension to the world.

If you haven’t tried painting with wheels yet, you should. Don’t be too concerned about the mess. Let your child explore, especially when he or she has particular interests in toy vehicles, such as trains, cars, buses, motorcycles, etc. It’s so easy to do that even you will have so much fun doing it.


Here are the simple steps you need to do to give your toddler a creative booster that is more effective and beneficial in the long run:

1.Use everything with wheels on it

Set up a paper ramp or a tunnel for them to paint on. If you can make the painting space bigger, do so. In fact, make a whole mini-city complete with roads, sidewalks, highways, and what not. Get crazy with the details.

2. Set up the rolling surface

This fun artwork can be indoors or outdoors. Put a damp cloth under the mini-city. That way, you can make sure that the artwork won’t be too messy to clean up after.

3. Start painting

Get different colours of paint to see how colourful the tracks are when they intersect. You can use pizza pans, paper plates, or trays as paint containers. Make sure they’re large enough so you and your toddler can dip the toy bus inside.

4. Set your child loose

Let your child push a blue train on a wooden ramp with the painted tracks. There’s something rather mesmerizing about them doing it. As a bonus tip, add a shaving cream marbling to the mix so you’ll see the full effect of this art.


Just have fun painting with wheels with your kids. Art is messy. But you can’t replace that with the fact that you and your child can have the best moment to be artistic together. It’s about freedom, about creating a safe space for them to express themselves and discover things on their own.


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