Fall is approaching, and that means rainy season is about to begin in Vancouver. It’s also the time that your kids can’t go out and play. Nevertheless, you can’t let the rains spoil their fun. You can go to North Vancouver and let your child have fun in an indoor play area. The only difference between an outdoor playground with an indoor play area is that the latter is under a roof.

Your children can still run, crawl, and even draw doodles on the wall. If you are a busy parent and have no time to deal with your child’s rainy day tantrums, an indoor play area is your best alternative.


Protect them from the weather

Since indoor playgrounds are under a roof and surrounded by insulated walls, your child can play comfortably and safely. An indoor play area is warm and dry compared to outdoor playgrounds. The rugs of the indoor play area would prevent slips and cushion your child when they stumble. An indoor playground is safe for children even during sunny seasons, if you want your child to avoid getting a sunburn.


Play with safe toys

Children are inherently curious, which means they tend to touch or taste anything. In the rainy outdoors, they can swallow mud cakes, earthworms, leaves, coins, and other dangerous and nasty items. On the other hand, your child is confined in a protected area with safe, non-toxic toys that are right for their age. These toys are also designed with children in mind, so these are durable. Have peace of mind when you let them run and jump around an indoor play area.


Learn while having fun

An indoor play area contains toys that are deliberately designed for children to learn while having fun. Some of the educational toys in an indoor play area include picture books, blocks, crayons, and puzzles. There are also costumes that your child can wear when they want to play pretend. Pretend play helps enhance their imagination and emotional skills.


Interact with other children

Taking your child to an indoor playground is an excellent opportunity to let them play with other kids. When your child plays with other kids, they are learning social skills that they will need as they grow up. They learn how to share, be considerate of others’ feelings, and solve problems. In pretend play, they collectively learn from each other and enhance their creativity skills.


Play all they want the healthy way

Because an indoor play area is safe, fun, and conducive for learning, it is the best place to let your children engage in free play. By allowing them to play on their own, your children can improve their cognitive and social skills and their physical abilities. The process of discovery and learning on their own also boosts your child’s self-confidence.

Child development experts recommend that children must engage in free play for at least one hour every day. On top of that, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends zero screen time for kids under five years old. Taking your child to an indoor play area in Vancouver is much better for their health than just letting them play gadgets or idling in front of screens.